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syde is an economically friendly skincare brand. All used ingredients and materials are as harmless as possible for the environment:

The plastic packaging is biodegradable, the paper boxes are made of recycled paper and the production is located in Germany under high quality standards. That's what syde is known and valued for: Well thought out, high quality products to make your body feel soft and hydrated in a natural way. Without harming the environment and your skin in the long run.

From the point of view of visual communication of these values, the information on the front of the product itself - as well as on the paper packaging box - is held clean, with a lot of white space, to make the important information pop out in a subtly way. The sans serif typography combination is making the logo and also the product line modern, minimal and makes it stand out with its pureness and simplicity.

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Corporate Design


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Since I am getting more into how to make as little negative impact to the environment as possible, I really wanted to create a modern, minimal and aesthetically pleasing packaging as a personal project - not looking like the typical eco-product.

I wanted it to seem interesting to the target group which is not that much informed about the environmental situation and make it easier with a beautiful modern look to reach the market with sustainable skincare.

Inspiration for this was actually me avoiding to go the bakery while turning my diet more and more vegan, in the beginning only for ethical reasons I became aware of (vegan = having compassion with animals, cruelty-free by avoiding meat, dairy, eggs, honey and animal products in general. Sounds much more complicated than it actually is, as I have experienced – and has far more benefits than mentioned here!), until I found out that a lot of bread in bakerys nowadays is already vegan. It is often just not claimed as "vegan". Because that term is sometimes associated with a negative feeling for someone who hasn't dived into the wide wild world of livestock, one is possibly not buying the product which is now claimed with it. It first seems a lot and not very logical, since we grow up in a world where milk, eggs or even meat are represented as being absolutely necessary and even healthy - of course by large groups of companies which make their money with it.

Science has meanwhile predicted that it's very likely that human civilization will end in 30 years in 2050. At least if we don't manage to stop the climate catastrophe, or at least slow it down significantly and thus gain some time for the necessary restructuring (I will then be just over 50 years old, may even have children and will probably experience it by myself). We should not make it easy for a system which only works because of government subsidies, incorrect or missing information and the unfortunately very unpleasant human trait of having a hard time with changing habits – especially if it referes to something you grew up believing in.

Since more and more information is spreading that proves the opposite, I hope that we all can train to be a little less prejudiced and start informing ourselves instead of only believing what the world around us is telling us without ever questioning it. And, of course, every small step counts. I guess the only wrong thing to do is not facing a problem and not even trying one's personal best to get information and question one's own habits.

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