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Busy Bandulu Sound

Collage Artwork

Busy Bandulu Sound – the five-member DJ crew from Munich is serving everything from Dancehall to Club. The artwork is used as a press image, for example in "Süddeutsche Zeitung", "riddim Mag" (#108) and online for their 2021 performance at "Sound Of Munich Now".

Check out their Instagram here: @BusyBanduluSound ⚡️

Original photos of the members used in the artwork:
Alexander Schmidhäusler

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busy bandulu sound


[two versions]


Personal Note.  ⤸

This project was my first official collage artwork request, which is why this project is particularly special to me. I am so happy that Busy Bandulu Sound reached out for me. I enjoyed the cooperation very much and am very grateful to have been able to do this super exciting project with them! Thank you <3

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